A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is such a special moment in the life of your child and however you choose to celebrate this milestone, we will make sure it will be a memorable, one-of-a-kind day for you and your whole family.

We will take care of all your needs, and tailor a child-friendly and stylish celebration for you.

Choices include:

We will plan the party from A to Z, including all our services.
  • Planning meetings – as many as needed
  • Attending meetings on your behalf
  • Venue search and selection
  • Event concept and Design
  • Catering and Menu selection
  • Contract review and negotiations
  • Budget Planning and Monitoring
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Invitations, stationery & other printed materials
  • Hair and Make Up
  • Photographer and Video
  • Event-day coordination
  • Cool and Trendy Party Favors
  • Welcome baskets
  • Transportation

We will work closely with you to select the perfect venue/location, develop a theme or color scheme that will reflect the personality of the Bar Mitzvah Boy/Bat Mitzvah Girl, and tailor a menu to correspond with the style & ambiance of your celebration.

You can concentrate on your child, relax and give them your full attention knowing that we are taking care of everything else.

Your only job is to enjoy the moment…

  • Organizing transportation
  • Coordinating a service at the Kotel followed by a Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch
  • Assistance in finding the perfect location for you.
  • Coordinating with the hotel or any other location, organizing a private service and meals.
  • Décor and Design.
  • Entertainment
  • Invitations, stationery & other printed materials.
  • Organizing guest baskets.
  • Being there to supervise and ensure you will have a spectacular and stress-free Bar/Bat Mitzvah weekend.

Having guests from abroad and want to add a fun excursion?
Decided to celebrate your child’s Bar/Bat mitzvah with a fun day out? Ideas include:

  • At the beach with water sports.
  • Zip Line.
  • Tour in the north or the south combined with various activities for all ages.
  • Jeep tours.
  • Picnic – rustic or elegant in the wilderness.

The possibilities are endless….

We will guide and assist you with planning your day and adapting it to your needs and wishes, creating an unforgettable experience for all ages.

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