Sandra&Dana productions

We are an Israel-based boutique event planning company,
working with clients from abroad as well as from Israel.

With our passion for elegance and beauty, we are here to guide you all the way
in the planning, design and creation of your dream event; turning your vision
into a reality.


  • I absolutely love working with this fabulous team of Sandra and Dana. They both are extremely professional, diligent, creative, kind and calm. I couldn’t imagine organizing a party without their guidance, fine taste and reliable assistance from the smallest details to the bigger decisions. I can’t thank them enough for everything they did to make our simcha a truly magical experience.
  • Both my wife and I were extremely appreciative for working with Dana and Sandra to plan our wedding. From the very beginning they were both fully involved in the process with the hall, music, catering and all the different areas.They negotiated for price and quality and took the entire project very personally as if planning the wedding of their own family. They were also available on the phone/whatsapp whenever we wanted.In general, we found that there was a lot of overlap; both of them helped with all areas. However, Sandra was more inclined to take of serious technicalities such as organizing all invoices into a comprehensive order as well as double checking all payments and costs.Dana was extremely helpful with the negotiations and I remember that the hall were shocked at how determined she was; this landed up reducing the costs and gaining a bunch of special benefits. She also added a lot of things we wouldn’t have thought of, which really gave the event great taste - such as fun masks and glasses for the dancing.We also found that on the day itself, absolutely everything went according to plan. The event was coordinated totally smoothly and it was reassuring for everyone to know that they were overseeing the hundreds of areas involved. Another major point is how our parents, with all of their various needs, were all extremely satisfied too with the level of involvement and dedication Dana and Sandra put into making it the most wonderful wedding. In a case where you are limited in time, it is an absolute must to have help when planning a wedding as there are so many details that one cannot preempt. But even if you do have the time, you cannot substitute the kind of experience that these guys bring to the table and how much it enhances the months-long process in which many couples often feel totally overwhelmed. In short, whether you think you need help or not, we highly recommend going with Dana and Sandra!
  • Sandra&DanaProductions have made three events for me over the past two years. Each one totally different - an 18th birthday party, a Batmitzvah at home and a kids Circus party. Each one was professionally planned from the unique ideas that they came up with, to the decor and the catering. They are a delight to work with, easy going and happy to help you encompass all your requests. I felt no pressure or worry at any time - everything was dealt with and I could just sit back and enjoy my event. I would highly recommend using them and I will definitely be using them for all future family events.
  • I worked with Sandra and Dana earlier this year in planning my daughters bat mitzva.
    It was a multi-part event, that included an outdoor party, a Tanach-based tiyul with multiple stops and a Shabbat for the family.
    Dana and Sandra were simply incredible. They are both super creative with unbelievable taste that is at the same time completely unique.But that's only the beginning: at every turn Sandra and Dana are fully available and 100 percent committed to the project.
    Every detail is important to them. They are a total pleasure to work with and they go above and beyond to make sure the event is a success. At every turn they are looking to make the Baale Simcha happy (in my case they even baked home made biscotti which they placed in every one of my guest rooms - just one of many surprises).
    Sandra and Dana exceeded our expectations and we will be working with them on all future smachot.
  • It was quite an event yesterday and we keep getting messages from various people that it was the best wedding they ever attended in Israel.‘One of the quotes: "Thank you so much for including me in the Simcha. It was magnificent!!! I have never been to such a beautiful wedding in Israel. The place was incredible. Everything was done so well. The food was incredible, the music, the spirit. Just so special."
  • Dear Dana & Sandra,
    Hope you guys are both well!
    Everything worked out absolutely perfectly and we and our guest were all really thrilled by the entire thing. We both loved working with you guys and know how much you worked on the endless details.

    Warmest regards and all the best,
  • My wife and I could not have been more satisfied with the work that was done by SandraDanaProductions. They were extremely professional from start to finish. They attended every meeting and coordinated the entire event from start to finish. They gave us plenty of options and helped guide us along the way , without being pushy. The day of the Wedding they split up to give us complete comfort. Dana stayed with our family during the family preparation time and photos and made sure all ran smoothly, she even made sure we all ate and drank during the day. Sandra went to the event space and coordinated everything and made sure that everything we discussed over the previous few months was exactly as we expected. They truly make a wonderful team and we would not have been able to enjoy the wedding without them. They gave us peace of mind throughout the entire process and went above and beyond the day of the Wedding. My wife and I will forever be grateful for all the help in making our daughter( and son in law's) wedding so special. We couldn't have done it without them, and hope to use them three more times!
  • Now that we had some time to settle down and get into our daily schedules, we really wanted to thank you both!!!
    The wedding was amazing! In every aspect of it!!
    You made sure everything was on time, that everything was gorgeous, and that everyone has the time of their lives! You just made it perfect!From the beginning you where there to help out with anything!We really really appreciate it!! Thank you for helping us with our special day!!!It wouldn't have been the same without you!!!Have a great week!Love,

We are full of enthusiasm,
we are your calm & voice of reason
during times of stress & pressure and
we are always full of positive energy.

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